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By Dr. Susan Mende, DVM, Dipl ABVP
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Don’t worry, this is not the shock therapy depicted in the 1970’s Jack Nicholson film“One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” Although extra-corporeal shock wave therapy(EcSWT) won’t cure your horse’s emotionalor mental problems, it might be a treatment option for a number of your equineathlete’s orthopedic and soft tissue ailments. EcSWT is utilized for pain relief, stimulation of bone remodeling, andto improve blood flow at bone-tendon interfaces.

Human Olympians, professional athletes as well as weekend warriors have recognized the benefits of elastic kinesiology tape for years. Now this technology is available to the equine community.

Equi-Tape can be used to give support and stability to joints and muscles while at the same time allowing for full range of motion.  This specially designed tape can become a valuable addition to any training program by helping horses stay sounder and train better, thereby offering an important resouce in equine sports management.

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Dr. Mende taping a horse with a snake-bite.


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